Linis Manpower Services is a staffing agency operating within the Greater Vancouver Area in British Columbia, and Edmonton, Alberta.

Linis Manpower Services aims to provide competent and well-trained labour forces for individuals and families, as well as for companies in various industries such as hospitality and food services, personal and family care, health care and farming. Whether you are an employer or applicant, our end goal is to find the opportunity that matches your requirements. We connect with employees and employers to navigate the complex job market through collaboration and research.


We are proactive in our recruitment and research, enabling our team to access a vast number of potential workers from both Canada and abroad. Linis Manpower Services values quality and customer satisfaction. To ensure that we can deliver the best results to our clients, we start with a detail-oriented search and selection process, then follow up with post- selection services to help workers find the right career fit and succeed in their work. Post-selection services include processing of government and non-government related documents and training, and culture integration.

Linis Manpower Services takes its job seriously. We provide excellent service to both employers and potential workers. Our professional and dedicated staff help ensure that we achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We are a family-run business, and we would like to welcome you to the Linis Manpower Services family - let us know how we can help.


Our vision for Linis Manpower Services is to be the leading manpower and placement company in the recruitment and staffing service industry.



Our purpose is to contribute to the effectiveness of the human resource management system of our corporate clients while providing opportunities for skilled individuals to be gainfully employed through a comprehensive job placement process.

Linis Manpower Services is an affiliate of Linis Maintenance Services, reputable cleaning and janitorial service provider known for its high-quality building and office maintenance work.