For JOb Seekers

We can help you find the next job

For workers coming from a different country, we offer a whole range of services from documentation as well as referrals to non-profit settlement services, to help make every newcomers’ journey efficient and painless, from securing the necessary papers on both sides of the border, and eventually helping them get settled in the new country. This type of assistance also applies to the workers who are already in the country.



  • We assist every applicant process their work-related documents such as industry certificates, work visas, security clearance, overseas deployment documents required by the country of origin, insurance in Canada and/or overseas.

  • We make sure that all fees related to the deployment of the worker hired in Canada or overseas are paid.


Total Assistance

We help foreign workers understand their new community and work environment and show them how best to navigate and survive their initial adjustment period, to ensure that they start their jobs without any hiccups.


Linis Manpower Services will be there with every job seeker every step of the way, from their country of origin to their country of destination, until the company believes every new arrival is fully prepared to start a new life in a foreign country.

Here is a list of assistance Linis Manpower provides:

  • Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars with accredited Institutions in the country of origin.

  • Booking flight schedules with airlines or travel agency

  • Help in finding temporary accommodations in Canada, as well as providing bank tickets, and banking information.

  • Whenever applicable, provides employees working clothes and other protective equipment, as may be required by the employer.

  • Orientation shortly after arrival in Canada regarding terms of employment, company policies, on-site working conditions, local customs and traditions, applicable laws, and regulations.

  • Connecting workers with non-profit organizations involved in looking after the well-being of temporary foreign workers.